Nelson Single release tour featuring Tyson Smith - guitar, Darren Mathiassen-drums, Johnny Lawrence- Bass, Chris Burke-sax and Tamara Smith-flute/percussion
Friday 24th November - Deville, Nelson 
Saturday 25th November - Mussel Inn, Golden Bay

Previous gigs...

Friday 23 June, Festival of Lights main stage, 6 piece band 8.15pm.(Straight after the fireworks)

Sunday 25. 5-8pm. Mundi trio. Pomeroys FREE

Saturday 8th July - Mundi at the Rogue and Vagabond 

 Featuring Tyson Smith -guitar, Johnny Lawrence-Bass, Darren Mathiassen - drums, Tamara Smith -flute, Chris Burke - sax.

Sunday 30th July - Mundi trio at Pomeroys 5-8pm FREE

Sunday 5th March, Newtown Festival, 4.15pm with Darren Mathiassen - drums, Johnny Lawrence -bass, Tyson Smith - guitar, Chris Burke - sax and Tamara Smith - flute.

Saturday 25/Sunday 26 Little River Drum Fest. Mundi Dance Troupe

Sunday 26th, Mundi trio at Poms, gat/percussion/flute 5-8pm

Friday 14th October - performing in Margo Wuts and the Duchess Club as part of the Hawkes Bay Arts Festival.

Saturday 22nd - Festa 

Saturday 29th 5.30-7.30 performing as part of Pomeroys 15th birthday celebrations!

Sunday 30th, Mundi trio at Poms, gat/percussion/flute 5-8pm

  • FRIDAY 24TH JUNE - Lyttelton Winter festival , Main stage. 7.45-8.45pm 6 piece band. Info here
  • February Rogue and Vagabond.


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