Sunday 28th July  Mundi trio at Pomeroys 5-8pm FREE

Friday 2nd August - Mundi "The Pale Blue Dot" Christchurch Arts Festival. 7-8.30pm Avon Room, Town Hall

South Island composer and flautist Tamara Smith travelled the world compiling inspiration for her compositions, from performing in jazz clubs in Paris to learning Indian flute by the Ganges. Mundi brings together some of New Zealand’s top musicians, creating transformative music that's packed with global colours, beats and influences.

Here at the Christchurch Arts Festival they celebrate the release of their album "The Pale Blue Dot" featuring Darren Mathiassen on drums (Shapeshifter), Johnny Lawrence- Bass (Electric Wire Hustle), Chris Burke - sax, (Dave Dobbyn), Tyson Smith- guitar (Hollie Smith), Doug Brush on world percussion (Chicago) and Tamara Smith on flute, percussion, vocals. They will also be integrating some images from Tamara and Tyson's artist father- Ashley Smith and guest dancers and drummers.
CDs and merch will be available.


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