Mundi are excited to announce the release of their single "Still Song Goes on" from their upcoming album "The Pale Blue Dot”. Featuring Tamara Smith - flute, vocals percussion, Chris Burke - sax, Tyson Smith (Hollie Smith) -guitar,  Darren Mathiassen (Shapeshifter) - drums and Johnny Lawrence (Electric Wire Hustle) -bass.

Mundi’s music is like Afrobeat pioneer Fela Kuti meeting Jethro Tull’s Ian Anderson- filled with global colours, grooves and influences. Composer and flautist for Mundi, Tamara Smith has travelled the world compiling inspiration for her compositions along the way - from performing in jazz clubs in Paris and recording an album in Sri Lanka, to learning traditional Indian flute by the Ganges and warding off Alligators in the heart of the Amazon.

 Mundi’s music always explores new musical terrain- a dual of woodwind and strings, hypnotic grooves and haunting melodies, percussion and drums, dancing and merriment.   

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