Tamara Smith (flutes), Misha Marks (guitar), Simon Lusby (bass), Sum Suraweera (drums), Chris Burke (tenor sax, tracks 2 & 6), Piyasara Shilpadhipathi (thamattama, tracks 1,5 & 8), Karunaratha Bandara (uddakkiya, tracks 1, 5 & 8), Shantha Jayarathna (bamboo flute, track 8).

<a href="">Aliya by Mundi</a>

31st January 2018...

Can't wait to get the full album out there for everyone to hear. 2018 is all about birthing a new album and a baby (sometime this week?!) , celebrating life on this amazing planet and trying to do the best we can for it and one another. 
Until I get a video made, here's the single you can listen to. Subscribe and keep up-to-date. Wishing you all a wonderful 2018!


A full blown album, reminiscent of times gone by of fiery, psychedelic dance and groove music all composed here in Aotearoa and performed by Tamara Smith - flute, Tyson Smith - guitar, Chris Burke- sax, Darren Mathiassen - drums, Johnny Lawrence - bass and special guests.

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  • Mundi's 2nd album "In the Blink of an Eye" is now sold out of hard copies, but you can find it online here:

    About "In the Blink of an Eye"

    It seemed fitting to return to where my brother and I grew up to record this album on location in what is dubbed "la Shed"- on the most easterly point between Christchurch and Kaikoura. After all this is where our love of music took hold and is still a special place to us. The concept of the recording was a bit of an experiment, all trying to record in one room, but trying to capture a group dynamic that can sometimes be missing from recordings. A bit of a headache for our sound engineer with such a range of instruments and volumes. However.... I am happy to present to you our second album which I believe captures this interesting time and place and hope that this original music takes you on a journey ... like my first experience of music did.

    • Tamara Smith - flutes , percussion
    • Chris Burke - sax, percussion
    • Tyson Smith - banjo/guitar
    • Jeremy Thin - marimba, percussion
    • Dougal Canard - Bass
    • Joe McCallum - Drums
    • Roslen Langton - vocals
    • Douglas Brush - tabla, congas, djembes, tama
    • Sound engineer: Joseph Veale
    • Mastering: Dave Cooper

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